Basic Design's We Will Learn light installation came to TELUS World of Science as a part of L A M P 2014, the international lighting design competition. The L A M P team collaborated with Science World to highlight and celebrate this year’s L A M P innovators and designers. The result was a handful of amazing installation contributions to our feature gallery, LIGHT: Illuminating Science and Art.
The theme of this year's L A M P competition was fibre, which was interpreted in a variety of truly creative ways, but maybe none so compassionately as by Jesi Carson and Theunis Snyman of the Vancouver-based design firm, Basic Design. They decided to focus on “moral fibre” as their take on the theme, which many people thought was a great idea. We Will Learn was selected for the L A M P 2014 People’s Choice Award. The installation stands out because it uses simple, easy-to-find materials in its creation. Because of this, the designers hope that the piece will act as a prototype for a further reaching goal—to create simple, inexpensive and easy-to-build lighting solutions for people all over the world.