​​​​​​​Vancouver Trash Lab is a facilitated upcycling design charrette process, imagined and produced by Basic Design.

9 participants + 3 days + 1 big pile of trash

For the first iteration of Vancouver Trash Lab in 2015, we recruited students and local creatives to participate in a three day event. A variety of "trash" materials were provided, and participants were trained in basic woodworking and sewing, and then led through a design process to design and prototype new items. The resulting products were sold by silent auction, with proceeds donated to Habitat for Humanity.

Participants: Scott Yu-Jan, Bryce Duyvewaardt, Gus Crowards, Kenya Shatani, Jesper Menting, Nicole Gibbs, Jeremy Lee, Scott Koritz & Julie Van Oyen.

The process was later adapted for a sustainable business course at Simon Fraser University. 
Video by Karl Simmons